Mehta Group of Companies consists of various family partnership firms like Jayshree Builders, Amrut Builders, Shreeram Builders, Deep Construction Co. & Lubex Petro Chem Pvt. Ltd. The Mehta Group of Companies is spread across various industry verticals like Real Estate, Petrochemicals, Education, Hospitality and Imports. The primary focus of the group lies in the Real Estate Industry and have been active in it since 1978.

The group is managed by three partners namely Mr. Ramesh Mehta, the founder of the group and his two sons Mr. Ketan Mehta & Mr. Deepak Mehta having specialized knowledge in the field of construction. Since 1978, the Group has successfully completed more than 40 different projects across Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan and beyond. Some of landmark projects are as follows Amrut Paradise, Amrut Siddhi, Amrut Arcade, Mayur Pankh, Avanti, Mukti Dham, Mukti Centre, Manav Mandir at Kalwa. Amrut Dham, Krishna Nagri, Akash Ganga, Amrut Dhara, Amrut Kunbh, Surya Uday, Surya Kiran, Surya Darshan at Kalyan and Shailesh Nagar Society at Mumbra.

From the Desk of Founder

A piece of land, four walls built around it & a roof on top can make a house, but we at Mehta Group add foundation of experience, strength of quality construction, colors of innovative solutions, lights of new technology, surety of transparent transactions & finally the touch of emotion that converts it in to your dream home which adds status to you.

In this age of technology where the world has become very small, companies today need to provide quality, efficient, innovative, new age & cost effective solutions to cater the ever evolving customers, and real estate industry is no exception to it.

Mehta Group stands tall when it comes to deliver the above attributes. We have an approach where we work for utmost customer satisfaction & thus we have been able to create our niche in the market as one of the premier construction companies. Our constructions at different locations have been the address for more than 10,000 happy families and we assure to our customers a perfect living solution with continuing our journey of building status.


Mr. Ramesh Mehta

(Founder, Mehta Group)

Company's Vision

The real estate sector is a very important & critical sector of our economy. It has a huge multiplier effect on the economy and therefore, is a big driver of economic growth. It is the second-largest employment-generating sector after agriculture. Growing at a rate of about 20% per annum, this sector has been contributing about 5-6% to India’s GDP. Not only does it generate a highlevel of direct employment, but also stimulates the demand in over 250 ancillary industries such as cement, steel, paint, brick, building materials, consumer durables and so on.

With huge sector, comes huge responsibilities & being a part of this sector we are well aware of that. Our vision is not only to give our customers a complete living experience from beginning to end with quality products, clear transactions and secure constructions but also on the larger issues like impact on environment, social responsibilities of the industry etc.

We are continuously improving ourselves by adapting better techniques, eco-freindly methods, proper training of the staff, raising good social & economical stands through responsible associations, thus making a better constructed India for tomorrow.

Mr. Ketan & Deepak Mehta

(Partners, Mehta Group)