Lubex Petro-Chem Pvt. Ltd. Is a company floated by Mehta Group of Companies. We have been in the marketing of lubricants, automotive oils and heavyduty industrial greases for more than two decades. In-depth knowledge and insight into the lubrication business prompted us to start our own manufacturing operation for a variety of lubricants and greases. The entire manufacturing operation is carried out in a highly sophisticated plant under the control of qualified technocrat team. The growing sense of mechanization in the Indian Industry promises wide scope of lubricant consumption in the imminent future. With visible depletion in petroleum resources arises the need for exploring new and cost effective alternatives to petroleum derived lubricants. We, in LUBEX believe in commitment to the cause of petroleum conservation and finding better options. We envisage production of large range of Lubricants And Greases covering diverse areas like Automobile, Marine, Aerospace, Wiredrawing, and Metal Working etc. The consumers of the products are not only assured of the international product standards but also personalized and professional services. Direct interaction with the customers is our motto.


Our Product Range

  • Lubex - 29 Sodium.
  • Lubex - 39 Calcium based stearate not soluble in water.
  • Lubex - 49 Calcium based stearate not soluble in water. Moisture negligible.
  • Lubex - 49/S6 Calcium based high stearate.
  • Lubex - 59 Mix calcium based stearate.
  • Lubex - 69 SPL Rich high fat, high titre Sodium Streate, free of Cholorides, Sulphur & Phosporous.
  • Lubex - 69 High Sodium stearate powder with special additives souble in water.
  • Lubex - 79 High calcium based high stearate.
  • Lubex - 79/C High tire Metallic Stearate Calcium based with E.P. additives.
  • Lubex - 89 Mixture of paraffin with vegetable oil & V.I. improven, E.P. additives.
  • Lubex - 99 Mixture of paraffin and special additives.
  • Lubex - 109 Calcium based stearate.
  • Lubex - 119 It is a mixture of Calcium & sodium stearate.
  • Lubex - 129 Rich Complex Calcium.
  • Lubex - 129/C High fat, high titre calcium stearate with extreme pressure additives.
  • Lubex - 209 - Poly manufactured for coating on S.S. wires nichrome wires. It gives lubricant carrier for drawing above wires.
  • Lubex - 209 Developed to produce bright and adherent copper coating Iron & Steel wire.
  • Lubex - 906 Manufactured with vegetable oils & fatty acid fortified with synthetic additives. Lanolin based product.
  • Lubex - LDN/981 Bar/Tube Drawing Lubricant.
  • Lubex - SS - 3 Phosphating Chemical.
  • Lubex - SS - 70 Phosphating Chemical.
  • Lubex - 09 Manufactured red with oil, fatty acid and oil emulsion.
  • Lubex - 19 Manufactured red by fats emulsion and emulsion oil.